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Article from the newspaper Sol de Mexico
Written by: Marcelino Pan y Vino

After 2 years of life, The Mexican Tequila Academy (MTA) already has 3 chapters: Chapter Mexico located in the Federal District and sorrundings, Chapter Bajio located in the beautiful city of Aguascalientes and Chapter Occident located in Guadalajara.

The MTA counts on 70 wine tasters in the 3 chapters, whom were carefully selected out of 459 people that were interested in joining the Academy. These 70 judges have received the proper training to perform their jobs. They were certified by the Academy in a ceremony where they were given diplomas which certify the knowledge that they had acquired and swore the following oath: I will drink only the good Tequila that I find in my way, but Ill never allow the Tequila to drink myself.

With the aid from those taster judges, the Academy has carried out more than 17 blind tastes of Tequila which are 100% pure of agave and include 3 different kinds: silver, aged, and extra aged. The members of the Academy have given conferences and courses about distills emphasizing Tequila, and they have participated in interviews on TV and radio, not only in Mexico but abroad.

This prestige Academy has a website on the internet that has won 1st place in the Yahoo! site of the year award in the Society category. It has also received very positive comments about its design, contents, and interactivity. The website has 578 virtual members from all around the globe so far, in countries like: Australia, Singapore, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Venezuela, Panama, etc; and of course members from the other States of Mexico.

The Academy has instituted the Mayahuel Goddess Awardswhose use is to certify and distinguish Tequila brands that, according to the members of the Academy, have achieved the highest quality of its kind. For the 1st award giving, carried out on February 21st, the Academy organized a great event at a very luxurious hotel located in the Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City. The attendance included many respected members of the Tequila industry, distillers, and the national press. The event turned out to be a success with social and industrial scopes.


The Academy carried out its First National Convention in the Pearl of Occident, during May 3-5. This event gathered members from all 3 chapters of the Academy in a friendly and familiar environment.

In this gathering many concrete proposals arose, including the expansion of the scope of the Academy with a Northern Chapter located in Monterrey, a Southeastern Chapter located in Villahermosa, and a Pacific Chapter that could be settled in Hermosillo or Culiacan.

We appreciate the efforts, the professionalism, and the impartiality that has shown the Mexican Tequila Academy such a great success in only 2 years, and the high level of credibility and prestige that it has acquired. Surely the members of the Academy are very proud of being a part of it.

When there is a decision to be made about tequila, only the prestige tasters at the Mexican Tequila Academy can do things honestly and professionally, guaranteeing success.

So this is the end of this article, I recommend you to visit the website of the Academy using any of the following addresses:

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