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Curious Facts

Taken from popular sayings and other sources:

El Caballito (the little horse). - Name given to the cup used for tequila, made out of glass with a cylindrical shape and certain angling that makes its mouth wider.

The origin of the name of this cup goes back to the time when in the big estates that possessed the agave lands, the people used to go horseback riding to supervise the work in the fields. They usually took 2 "guajes" (kind of like a canteen) with them, one filled with water and the other one filled with tequila.

They also had the habit of taking, hung around their necks, a clipped and hollowed cow's horn that was used to drink the tequila in a single shot. When they were asked the reason carrying the horn, they answered: "It's to take tequila on horseback!"

Tequila, salt and lime.- This habit was adopted by the lovers of tequila almost from its beginnings, and according to the informed ones there was a reason for it. The very handmade process to obtain the liquor from the sugars of agave done in the beginning of the 1800's made it extremely strong in alcohol content, and for that reason it tasted very strong when putting it in the mouth. To make it more "abocado" (palatable), two additional ingredients were used: salt and lemon.

Indeed, when they placed the tiny amount of salt inside the mouth, this produced more salivation which served to diminish the strong impact of the drink. When the drink was passing down the throat, they sucked up a lime, so the citrus juice made the throat feel better.

Back in the 30's, there was a terrible epidemic of influenza in the north of Mexico, and this was worst in the state of Nuevo Leon and Monterrey. Thanks to a famous doctor of Monterrey who had the healthy habit of drinking tequila with lime and salt before lunch, he seemingly resisted the attack of the epidemic, and he attributed it to his habit of drinking tequila. He prescribed to his patients this medicine, and as a result there was a quick decrease of the sickness in his community.

The "Sangrita".- This popular sidekick of Tequila, originated in Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico, almost 60 years ago. Mr. Edmundo Sánchez was the owner of a restaurant in the tourist area of Chapala. He and his wife were known for serving delicious dishes, and they were also known because "Don Mundo" (that's how he was called by his closest friends) served a tequila that he prepared himself using small stone ovens.

Since that tequila was handmade, it was very strong, so Mrs. Sánchez used to put slices of fresh oranges, salt and powdered red chili on the table. Those ingredients were used for Mr. Edmundo and his dining guests to counter the strong effects of the alcohol.

This mixture of ingredients was such a success, and it had such great acceptance, that the visionary Mr. Sánchez asked his wife to squeeze the oranges in a jar instead of putting them in a bowl, and to add the salt and the red hot chili to the mixture. This drink acquired a tempting reddish color that later on was the basis of the name given to it, "Sangrita".

Nowadays the "Sangrita" served in most restaurants is not even close to the one that was the pride of the widow of Sánchez. After the death of Mr. Edmundo, she was supported by her son who had the same name, and they industrialized this so popular and traditional drink.

That "other" Sangrita is made with the creativity of every bartender, using tomatoes, chili and lime. Sangrita is still a good companion for Tequila, and those with a good ingredient balance are very testable and enjoyable.

Bon appetit!

Properties of Tequila (popular sayings).

Phrases found in a small pamphlet printed in Guadalajara, Mexico:

It removes anguish
It makes you forget
"It loosens the sock"
It makes roughness go away
It gets friends closer
It makes you forget you're hungry
It causes blushes
It tunes up your voice
It fosters romantic relationships
It makes godfathers
It closes business
It makes paths easier
It helps you celebrate the company
It increases happiness
It kills worms
And for those reasons and more. . .


It erases blame
It makes you talk
It takes you away from the office
It mends broken hearts
It's a good appetizer
It hastens outcomes
It eliminates shyness
It cheers you up
It gets you hot
It makes midwives
It opens doors It shortens waits
It cures sadness
It improves digestion


Tequila and the songs.

Definitely the Mexican films on it's called "golden age", were great promoters forour very Mexican Tequila. In several movies, Actors like Jorge Negrete, Pedro Infante, Armenzariz, the Soler brothers and others, celebrated their victories and cried over their failures while hugging a bottle of tequila and listening to the music of mariachis.

Also the big vernacular song composers utilized their inspiration to celebrate the effects of tequila in many of their songs. Here we remember some of the lyrics of those songs:

"Me llaman la tequilera como si fuera de pila, porque a mi me bautizaron con un trago de tequila..." (they call me Tequilera, as if it was my real name, because I was baptized with a drink of tequila).

"Que bonito, que bonito, es llegar a un merendero y beber en un jarrito un tequila con limón..." (how nice, how nice, it is to go to dinner and drink a little glass of tequila with lime).

"Estoy en el rincón de una cantina, oyendo una canción que yo pedí, me están sirviendo ahorita mi tequila, ya va mi pensamiento rumbo a ti..." (I'm in the corner of a bar, listening to the song that I requested, they are serving my tequila, and my thoughts are only of you).

"Quise hallar el olvido, al estilo Jalisco, pero aquellos mariachis y aquel tequila, me hicieron llorar..." (I wanted to forget, Jalisco-style, but those mariachis and the tequila made me cry).

"De Cocula es el mariachi, de Tecalitlán los sones, de San Pedro su cantar, de Tequila su mezcal..." (From Cocula is the mariachi, From Tecalitlán the "sones", From San Pedro it's singing, and From Tequila it's Liquor).

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